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BarButtons FAQ

What navigation apps are compatible with BarButtons?

See the page with compatible applications.

I use an application that is not supported

If the application has keyboard support, but it is not compatible with the current keymaps, let me know via the contact form, maybe we can tweak the keymaps to make it work.

If the application is wildly different, you might want to try Tasker or Automate to take specific actions based on keystrokes.

Is JaxeADV a commercial organization?

No, I’m just a nerd that likes to ride motorcycles 😉

Is there warranty on the BarButtons?

Not formally, but in case of a defect get in touch and we’ll probably work it out

What phones are supported?

Most android phones are supported.

BarButtons have been used on

  • Blackview BV5100
  • Oneplus 5
  • Samsung active tablet
  • iPhone

If you have connectivity issues let me know!

Do the BarButtons support Push-to-Talk (PTT)?

Yes and no: the BarButtons don’t support native PTT support (yet). You can however map a ‘direct press’ key to the PTT broadcast intents using Automate or Button Mapper.

To set up PTT on Automate:

  • Install Automate on your phone via the Play Store. Enable the right permissions as indicated by Automate
  • Import this flow: PTT intent on F3. This sends a broadcatst intent android.intent.action.PTT.down when an ‘key down’ on F3 is received and sends android.intent.action.PTT.up when a ‘key up’ on F3 is received.
  • Configure the flow to use the correct ‘direct press’ button on a BarButtons keymap. Edit the flow’s Key Pressed component.
  • Start the flow in Automate
  • Ensure that your PTT app listens to the intent.
    • In Zello you can go to Options > Push-to-talk buttons > (+). If you now press the button on the BarButtons, it should register as ‘Hardware button’. Assign a default contact to this button.

Are the BarButtons rain proof?

They are pretty rain proof, I’ve used them in heavy rain with no issues. I don’t recommend leaving them out in the rain all year round though

Can I submit pull requests?

Yes, please get in touch via the contact form.