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Using the BarButtons

The BarButtons are basically a small Bluetooth keyboard, built for use on a motorcycle. The primary use of the BarButtons is to control navigation apps on your smartphone. To use it you first have to pair it with your phone. Then you possibly have to configure the apps you are going to use to accept keyboard commands. The BarButtons come with different keymaps and have a single status led that shows the current keymap and other information. Lastly, you might want to update the firmware to get new functionality

You can find all the details of using the BarButtons in the relevant firmware user guide:

VersionNotesMore info
1Version 1 is the publicly available source code that is part of the diy versionClick here for the v1 user guide
2Version 2 is no longer used.Click here for the v2 user guide
3Version 3 is currently the ‘stable‘ version the firmware that is not updated unless there is a bug.Click here for the v3 user guide
4Version 4 is currently the ‘preview‘ version of the firmware that is updated regularly with new features.Click here for the v4 user guide
UCThe UC firmware is for the BarButtons UC prototypeClick here for the UC user guide