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TET Balkan 2018

In the summer of 2018 was a bit of an experiment to combine motorcycle holidays and beach holidays. I would ride from the Netherlands to Santorini, enjoy the island with my wife, and ride back.

The TET in the Balkan countries was supposed to be a big part of the itinerary. I’d go with friends by car to Italy (Trieste) and go south from there. Unfortunately, the bike fell from the trailer and was left with 1 less front brake disk and bent handlebars. During the TET, the rear shock gave out spilling all the oil. So around Zadar i turned around to Trieste again to take the plane to Santorini ๐Ÿ˜‰

Things we learned:

  • The TET is very nice in Slovenia and Croatia. Lots of rocky terrain, nothing too complicated, but challenging enough for heavy bikes.
  • Always double check straps that mount your motorcycle. Better: tie-rep the connection hooks to the trailer
  • If you’re going to Bosnia and Herzegovina, take your physical green insurance card. We did have a digital one that dit not work. Neither was a printed copy accepted, not even on green paper!

The route

The route we took was largely based on the TET in 2018. You can find more about the TET Croatia here: