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Compatible applications

This page contains applications that are known to work with BarButtons. If you want to add one to the list, contact me.


Suggested keymap: 1 or 3

Osmand is a popular application for offline navigation both on and off-road.(

To enable keyboard support, go to Hamburger > Configure profile > General settings (do separately for every profile)

  • Volume buttons as zoom: disable
  • External input device: Keyboard

Supported keys are (source)

  • Arrows keys = panning
  • C = center map
  • D = change orientation
  • +/- = zoom


Suggested keymap: 1 or 3

Kurviger is an awesome navigation application that specializes in finding curvy routes. (

To enable keyboard support, go to Hamburger > Settings > Application > External input device and choose Keyboard

Supported keys (source)

  • N: Start / pause / resume navigation
  • Arrows for panning
  • +/= or vol up/dn for zooming
  • F: Follow mode on/off
  • B: Add bookmark
  • S: Skip waypoint


Suggested keymap: 1 or 3

Waze is a ‘social’ navigation app (

It supports + and – commands to zoom in and out.


Suggested keymap: 1 or 3

Locus is a highly customizable mapping app for outdoor use (

Rally Navigator

Suggested keymap: 2

Rally Navigator is a digital roadbook reader (

Keyboard support is enabled by default.

Supported keys: Volume Up/Down (odometer) Next/Previous Track (scroll roadbook) (source)

Piste Roadbook

Piste Roadbook is a digital roadbook reader (

It supports mapping of keys to any function, and can be used with any keymap


Suggested keymap: 1 or 3

Gurumaps is a on/offline navigation app (

It has built-in keymaps:

  • Space = center + zoom to low level (only in navigation mode)
  • Arrow keys = panning
  • Ctrl+L = change application mode between Tracking, Driving & Compass (docs)
  • +/- = zooming. Note that in navigation mode you can only zoom when you first pan, otherwise the zoom level will reset immediately.