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Offroad trip packing list

This page details all the stuff I pack for an offroad trip, why I pack it and how I use it. The list has evolved to what it is today and works well for me, maybe you can use it too!

I use this packing list primarily on my drz where I use 2 main luggage systems:

  • Mosko Moto Reckless 80 (v1) – These saddlebags don’t require a rack and fit very close to the bike, limiting the total width. It is very tough and waterproof. I like the modular approach with dry bags and small smart features like the beavertail and the molle straps. I added two bottle holders and a ‘trunk’ bag via these molle straps.
  • Giant Loop Diablo tank bag plus pannier pockets – This tank bag is small enough so it doesn’t get in the way when I stand up on the pegs and it fits nicely over the drz tank allowing some room for the vent hose. The main compartment comes with a drybag that I use to add my most valuable items and can take with me off the bike easily. The pannier pockets are a nice addition for easily accessible storage that is out of the way.

The general layout of what I take and where I store it is in this diagram:

Tank bag

The tank bag main compartment contains stuff that’s either valuable or is often used and therefore easiest to grab.

Pressure gaugeEasy to grab general pressure gauge from anwb.
CutlerySmall set of cutlery that gets the job done. Includes wine opener.
Hand sanitizerUse before eating to limit risk of stomach issues in certain environments
Charging cablesSmall bag with charging cables & battery pack:
* 3-in-1 (2 x usb-c, 1x micro usb) cable to charge multiple devices from USB-a port
* 1 x micro USB cable for charging helmet headset
* 1 x 80cm USB-C cable to charge powerbank
* Small but powerful battery pack: Mojogear mini evo. This batterypack is powerful enough to charge a phone, gopro batteries, helmet headset and more in one charge. I connect it to the bike during the day so I can charge my phone (and other stuff) in the tent at night.
* 220V USB adapter to charge stuff on a wall outlet whenever you have the chance
GoPro accessoriesSmall bag with stuff related to GoPro stuff
* Charger and 2 spare batteries
* GoPro tripod
* GoPro shoe for quick mount
* MicroSD to SD card converter
* MicroSD reader for USB-C OTG, to copy/view footage from GoPro fast
KnifeA good knife to use to cut wood, baguettes and everything inbetween.
HeadlightI can’t camp without a headlight. Now using the Sofirn HS10 that is cheap, rechargeable via USB-c and has a lot of light.
Chewing gum
Tooth picks
Wire lockSmall wire lock with a number code to lock things to the bike, like your helmet if you go into a shop
DeetEffective insect repellant in a spray (wiki)
KeysSpare key for the bike, and keys from home in a ziploc bag
DocumentsZiplocbag with documents:
* Passport
* Ownership document of the bike
* European insurance green card
* Copies of health insurance, passport, drivers license.
* Copy of health insurance policy details
* Health insurance card with EHIC
* European accident form (insurance)
* Vaccination passport
* Travel insurance card
Phone bagSoft bag to store 2 phones without scratching the screens
Ear budsTo listen to music/audio book
LighterFor camp fire or fuel stove
Cleaning clothTo effectively clean your glasses or mirrors. I keep this in the outside of the tank bag.